Kobelco Excavators
Conventional Excavators
SK210LC | SK260LC | SK350LC | SK500LC | SK850LC

Mini Excavators
SK17SR | SK27SR | SK35SR | SK55SRX

SR Series
SK75SR | SK85SR | SK140SRLC | ED160 Blade runner | SK230SRLC | SK260SRLC

SK210D | SK1000DLC

Kobelco Excavators

Power, efficiency and quality

Through innovative design, Kobelco has created excavators which excel in raw power, operating efficiency, and operator safety while minimizing environmental impact. The latest innovation is the INDR system, a Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System that amazingly reduces noise and eliminates regular engine maintenance so you can keep working longer and without interruption. Other innovations include on board telematics for remote monitoring; operator friendly cabs; ground level maintenance for fast, accurate and low cost maintenance; numerous safety features such as rear view cameras, improved cab visibility, and external work lights for a clear view during nighttime operations.

In addition to the powerful, reliable and efficient Kobelco excavators, Orion Equipment has a full line of excavator attachments from companies such as Craig Manufacturing. We also offer custom attachments for unique excavation and demolition projects.

Orion’s Service Center has the parts and backup that you need to stay productive and offers a wide variety of preventative maintenance and support programs to help you control cost.
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